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Paranormal Romance and Horror???

That's right! I loooove to mix up these two genres. It's truly my favorite, and I think you'll like it too! Below are my current stories, their spook VS steam ratings!

Once published, all of my books are available on Click on each book cover to visit the book's page! 


Hope Valley

Hope Valley_CRS_KDPCOVER.jpg

What happens when you drive through a closed road...?

Ameline Brahms was ready to paint the town red at her best friend's Halloween party - she just needed to drive there first.

But she ends up going through a closed road and there, she finds her night's plans have changed drastically when she arrives at Hope Valley.

The Billionaire's Last Resort

Duncan’s inheriting the family business, but to the board, he’s not stable enough. Enter Evie, marketing professional, and his worst nightmare.

Duncan’s ready to inherit the family business he’s been building up the past decade -- the Tillery Resorts. But even though he’s devoted his life to this business, the board is still pushing to promote his brother, Mikey, instead. All because of his… indiscretions. 


In the middle of a fight with his father, Duncan blurts out that he’s engaged -- to Evelyn Cavanaugh.


Evie loves her job in marketing for Tillery Resorts, even if it means working with Duncan. They’ve never gotten along, but one day, he shows up in her office… and he’s smiling.


Duncan needs Evie’s help to look more like a family-man to the board, but it would mean months upon months of pretending to love each other, when they’ve spent the past few years hating each other. 

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