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Paranormal Point: The Asylum


Seven years ago Chloe Goodfellow left Nevada, and Dylan Michaels, without a word.
      Now, just as suddenly, she’s back in Nevada and back in Dylan’s life. He needs to know why she left -- and if she still has any love for him - but time isn’t on his side.
      Dylan and his crew, Jeremy Gryffen and Alexander Goodfellow III, are the stars of the hit ghost hunting television sensation, Paranormal Point. And because of a lying assistant, and a tight timetable, they have to convince the producers to approve of the location, finish their research, and go to the hyper-active asylum in less than a week.
      Dylan ropes Chloe into helping the team to get the episode running, but once he finally gets alone time with her, will she put him off like she had before, or will she finally admit why she left him all those years ago?

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About the Author

Piper Kennedy is an author of paranormal romance and horror. Why? Cause scary books are better with sex involved!

She lives in the Rockies with her husband and two cats, working in whatever job is keeping her happy at the moment, all while writing her heart out during lunch and after work!

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